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Joe (vocals/guitar/harp)
Born in southern Louisiana's Atchafalaya River Delta, playing has been a way of life from an early age. At the age of 6 his grandfather gave him a guitar from a pawn shop, and he taught himself to play. Learning quickly and putting in untold hours of practice made it possible for Joe to start playing the clubs of south Louisiana at the young age of 13! Years of stage experience in many varied types of musical genres has allowed him to develop his unique and rather unorthodox style of writing and playing. Submerging himself totally in his music is what drives and has driven his very existence for as long as he can remember.
Richard Lamm (drums)
Richard Lamm is the drummer "extrardinaire" for the Express.Having been raised in and around Austin, Richard says he's been in too many Austin acts to think about. Richard has also done extensive road work both in the US and abroad.
John Wolfe (Bass)
Born and raised in Pittsburgh Pa., John learned the ropes under the strong blue collar, R&B/Soul influences of that area. After relocating to Florida, he worked with numerous touring bands from the blues label "King Snake Records". From Florida his touring took him, for a short stint, to the blues clubs of the Myrtle Beach S.C. area. Hearing about the music scene in Austin, John decided to give Texas a try in the spring of 2003, and the Express is glad he did!

We invite you to pick up one of our CDs. We think it will be as wise an investment of your time & your hard earned dollar as it is for those able to attend our live performances. For the legions of dedicated blues fans, we think you'll find this collection of songs to build some exciting new inroads from the paths of our forefathers. For those of you who are new to the Blues, or don't know anything other than you just like good music, as long as you know Joe, you don't need to know anything else!

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